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  Dear friend:  
  With the start of the new academic year well underway, we want to also celebrate the close of an excellent previous year. The 2017-18 academic year saw SIT's highest enrollment to date! We can’t properly celebrate this accomplishment without also thanking you for your support of our programs and students. On behalf of all of us at SIT, thank you for your partnership and for helping us achieve this milestone! Already, 2018-19 looks to be continuing that positive trend. Achieving this growth is a combination of multiple factors, including the expansion of SIT’s portfolio of programs in interesting places and with compelling themes, new partnerships and affiliations with more schools, and additional scholarship funds through the generosity of alumni and friends of the institution. We can't run successful and interesting programs without your support and advocacy, so once again—THANK YOU!  
  Along with my University Relations colleagues, we look forward to working with you throughout the year on your own institution's study abroad goals. Whether that is through targeted outreach or other on-campus events, through curricular integration initiatives to reach more academic disciplines, by collaborating at conferences and international education projects, or by a member of your community visiting SIT program sites. Let us know how we can contribute to help you reach your goals.  
  Watch this space, too. We'll be sending updates this semester about exciting developments and projects we've been working on. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to be in touch, and here’s to another successful and collaborative academic year.

Best Regards, 

curriculum and program updates
The SIT Council of Deans, the Academic Affairs Committee, and the Academic Directors have been working to update curricula and programs to remain innovative and reflect the most interesting and academically rigorous content in-country. These changes are reflected in the 2019 catalog you've recently received, and which this year includes both semester and summer programs in one document.
Here are a few highlights:
  • New programs in Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, Spain, and Vietnam. 
  • New academic directors in Chile, Ghana, Mexico, Samoa, and Senegal. 
  • New coursework in Tunisia, Kenya, and Uganda.
  • Five programs with (slight) title changes.
Finally, a special note to highlight a second track for the summer Iceland program. The final details weren't made in time for inclusion in the catalog, but opening a second track allows us to enroll more students and more easily both quarter and semester schedules.
A special note for TerraDotta, Horizons, ViaTrm, and AbroadOffice users: New programs and other updates have been made in these directories. We encourage you to log in and make sure your view reflects these changes.
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SIT Study Abroad welcomes new academic directors
School for International Training is pleased to announce the addition of an extraordinary group of distinguished academic directors on eight SIT Study Abroad programs in the coming 2018–19 academic year. These scholars and practitioners have extensive experience as teachers, researchers, writers, consultants, and policy experts in the communities and countries where their programs take place.
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Lastest News   Upcoming Site Visits

Join us in Czech Republic, Nepal, or Tunisia.


On October 20, we invite you to an Open House following the Forum’s European Conference. You will visit a gallery exhibition of our students’ work and meet staff and faculty of the SIT program Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change program.

March 9–16, 2019, in Kathmandu, Nepal to explore SIT's academic, experiential, and pedagogical approach to studying social change in Tibetan and Himalayan communities. Learn about our three programs in Nepal: Development and Social ChangeTibetan and Himalayan Peoples, and Geoscience in the Himalaya.

March 16–23, 2019, in Tunis, Tunisia and Palermo, Sicily to see how SIT examines the interplay of regional politics and migration from both sides of the Mediterranean in Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean.

To be considered
for one of these site visits, please submit a letter of interest answering the following questions. It would also be helpful to know of your experience in the region (if any).

  • How do the themes of the SIT program(s) relate to your institution’s curriculum?
  • What is your position or departmental/institutional affiliation, and what are your objectives in visiting the program(s)?
  • How would you share the results of this visit when you return to your college or university?

Address letters and inquiries to ProgramVisits@sit.edu or call 888 272-7881.

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Three Zimbabwe delegates discover a common thread: SIT
Three foreign policy experts meet on an excursion in Zimbabwe and learn they all have SIT connections.
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Cameroon alumna returns to welcoming surroundings
As an intern for the U.S. embassy in Cameroon this summer, when Sasha Lansky heard about a particularly interesting part of Yaoundé, the large capital city, she went out to see it. Embassy staff members seemed puzzled by the young intern’s boldness. But Sasha had been to Cameroon in 2012.
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Activism on film
It started as a joking suggestion. Why not, said Hayley Stuart, Courtney Blackmer-Reynolds, and Shaya Christensen, make an all-women documentary? The three were students with SIT.
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A shock to the system
Read a student reflection from the inaugural session of the Jordan Engineering and Design for Sustainable Environments program developed in partnership with the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering.
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SIT expands 2019 portfolio
School for International Training welcomes undergraduates back to class this fall with 84 fascinating study abroad opportunities for 2019 that span all seven continents.

On six new SIT Study Abroad programs in 2019, students can explore the last pristine region of the world in Antarctica; see the migration crisis firsthand along Mexico’s northern and southern borders; delve into Europe’s independence movements; learn about global trade and Islamic banking in Malaysia and China; witness peacebuilding in Colombia; and build skills through a guided summer internship in Vietnam.

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