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  SIT Study Abroad - a program of World Learning

Students of the 2014 summer program explore Iceland's tundra

Examining Socially Responsible Banking and Finance

The Switzerland: Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility program offers your students the opportunity to study international financial systems, financial crises, and the ethics of banking and finance through a social justice lens.

This program leverages our deep networks in Geneva to investigate issues prominent in the field of international banking and finance. Students will learn through onsite briefings and lectures from experts from banks, financial institutions, international NGOs, and governmental agencies.

An excursion to Greece provides context to observe and study the impact of financial crises on national economies, institutions, and society. Students will also be able to assess the debate on the Euro currency and EU policy from the perspective of Greek economists and finance experts.

For the final five weeks of the semester, students can choose either to conduct fieldwork or to complete an internship in Geneva and will be challenged to design an innovative business or finance project that promotes growth and social progress.

Some questions that will drive course content include:

  • What are the causes of the unstable global financial economy?
  • Can solidarity economies allow profitable businesses to help reduce social injustice and global poverty and protect the environment?
  • What do recent changes in the global finance architecture and resulting social impact mean to the social responsibility of international financial institutions?

Advising tips: This program will be of interest to students studying international or global studies, business, economics, finance, accounting, math, statistics, management, marketing, or information management systems.

Students will not be enrolled in language courses. They will live in student dormitories, small inns, or other small hotels.

Click here to read program highlights and syllabi.

New Horizons Grant

SIT is announcing the New Horizons grant for students who participate in one of SIT's new summer 2016 or fall 2016 semester program. The award amount will be $1500 for summer and $2500 for semester. These grants are available to students who demonstrate any need and will be awarded in addition to other SIT awards including the Pell Grant Match and the SIT general scholarship fund. Interested students should fill out the standard SIT scholarship application.

The new programs are:

Summer 2016 Fall 2016

Extended Deadlines for Select Programs

We've extended the deadline for a number of spring 2016 programs: 

Africa, South of the Sahara: Asia: Europe: Latin America: North Africa and the Middle East:

SIT at Upcoming Conferences

The following SIT staff members will be attending these upcoming conferences. If you, your staff, or your faculty members are attending any of these conferences and would like to set up a meeting, please let me know.
  • Academic Director Imraan Buccus and Marianne Jorgensen—African Studies Association Conference in San Diego
  • Academic Director Lu Yuan—ACTFL Conference in San Diego
  • Academic Dean Said Graiouid and Wanda Dutton—Middle East Studies Association Conference in Denver

Opportunities for Students to Present ISP Research

SIT is pleased to support the 8th Annual Human Development Conference. This student-run event is sponsored by the Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame. The theme of this year's conference is Re-Imagining Development: Pursuing Good in a Changing World.

All undergraduate students are invited to submit an abstract of their research project by the extended November 16 deadline.

Alumni of SIT programs are eligible for a $200 grant to off-set travel costs to attend the conference. Students should apply via email to Amy Burrows with name, home college/university, SIT program(s) of participation, title and abstract of their paper, and an estimate of costs to attend the conference (i.e. mode and cost of travel). Funding awards will be communicated two weeks after the Notre Dame student committee announces accepted papers.

November 2015
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Opening Date for Fall 2016

We will begin accepting applications for fall 2016 on December 15.

Summer Innovation Labs

To accommodate student interest, we've scheduled two Summer Innovation Labs to allow back-to-back enrollment from India to Jordan.

We also offer, in addition to these two programs, a Summer Innovation Lab in South Africa.

Scholarship Applications

We recently contacted over 300 students to let them know their scholarship applications are incomplete. Complete applications should be submitted by the November 15 extended deadline.

There are three steps to applying for an SIT scholarship.

  1. Students should indicate an intention to apply and provide the name and email address for your institution's financial aid contact.
  2. They should add SIT's school code (008860) to their FAFSA form.
  3. They should confirm receipt of all materials with the SIT Study Abroad financial aid coordinator.

Faculty Seminars Abroad

Last month we announced a new opportunity for faculty development. We are launching three faculty seminars abroad in 2016. Each seminar will explore contemporary global issues, by drawing on the rich academic resources of SIT program sites.

These Faculty Seminars Abroad offer your faculty the opportunity to become deeply engaged in a topic through lectures, site visits, and connections to local academics, researchers, and other knowledge sources. Some seminars will include hands-on fieldwork.

Applications are now available on the website and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The final application deadline is March 1, 2016, and the final notification of enrollment is March 15, 2016.

For questions, please contact facultyseminars@sit.edu.

Notes from the Field

Have you subscribed to our blog yet? We always feature interesting stories highlighting recent achievements of students and faculty. Take a look at these recent posts:

  • Alumna Sarah Brokenborough of Spelman College reflects on why she chose to study in Brazil and the impact it had on her personal and educational life.
  • We celebrate the Nobel Committee's decision to award this year's Nobel Peace Prize to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet.
  • Jason Tinero of Washington University in St. Louis describes his experience in Ecuador.

Let me know if you have a student we should profile!

Last Month’s News

Did you miss last month’s newsletter? Read it now to learn about our new semester program in Iceland and Greenland, our new affiliation with HACU and new scholarships available to students and alumni of HACU institutions, and the new staff we've welcomed this academic year. 

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